Tips To Be Included And Excluded For Growing Your Insta-Business


Are you a techie or a budding businessman looking for the best reputation building platform for your business? Instagram is the new generation marketing strategy for the promotion of your business. There are numerous tools offered by this platform to apply your strategies. Before stepping into full-fledged marketing promotions, you need to get well versed with every tool and loopholes of this social media which is basically a mobile app allowing you to play around with photos, videos, blogs and news feed. There are various small yet highly significant easy tips which help you to cleverly use the medium and also possible tiny mistakes likely to happen which can limit you from getting the complete benefit of your business profile.

It is an easy platform and can be your bestie with these quick tricks

Define a strategy for operating and expanding your business including product development, financing, marketing and distribution. Planning the tools for assisting in all these steps is also critical.

Be active and updated:

Have an active account with communications with your friends and your employees. Plan the timing of your updates and post attractive, original and connecting photos, live videos etc. Go through your comments, shares and likes regularly and respond to any kind of queries from your friends and followers which help to keep their interest in your business alive.

Increasing your profile views:

Usually, getting more views and likes helps your business or products to gain popularity. You can also get the help of online companies which increase the number of likes and views on your profile. You can learn more about these companies by going through their web pages such as

Following back is not a bad idea:

You can also consider following back your followers which may also include other business profiles. While copying is definitely a bad practice giving you only negative results, you can get inspired by the ideas and concepts of other business posts to compare and improve your strategies.

Situation matching custom hashtags:

give suitable hashtags for your photos and posts which can help your followers relate to your business and easily recommend to others. Unique and catchy hashtags easily get noticed during Instagram searches and encourage more people to visit your profile.

Place the links carefully:

If you want your viewers to visit any particular page or website related to your business, place them as the default link in your business profile and indicate it in comments and captions. Links placed in captions or comments do not work.

Get advertised:

you can present your products or business by posting different types of ads, conducting contests and giveaways as a part of your promotions, or prompting your followers to repost your new updates. Again these contests can be given as ads, get reposted and linked with creative and relevant hashtags.  

Link your Instagram posts with other social media platforms and your personal or corporate website. Give Facebook posts announcing the opening of your business or introducing a new product and link them to direct the visitors to your Instagram page.

Use the business tools:

Instagram has specific options like Embed which allow you to highlight a post, caption or video.

Common mistakes to avoid while promoting your business on Instagram


  • Be careful with the hashtag: the tag should be such that the users can relate it to your business or featured product. Wrong and irrelevant tags can also result in negative publicity. Fun-filled posts are welcome but don’t be funny with your business.
  • Avoid using too many hashtags: Hashtags are like keywords, they help to search your posts. When too many tags are created, results get mixed up and a well-refined search becomes difficult.
  • Geotags may not be always necessary: Although they are useful to get your post highlighted, some kinds of updates do not require any information about the location such as web-based services.
  • Vague descriptions of your business profile, products or features should be avoided. Readers get impressed when the posts are clear and well-defined.
  • Do not post blurred, over-cropped photos. Posting original photos catch the attention of viewers and protect you from copyright infringements and if shot aesthetically, it adds to their impact. Posting signature style photos having a unique theme helps you to establish a brand reputation and recognition from your product photos.
  • Limit the creation of general posts and too much of out-of-the-business profile activities. It can divert the attention of your viewers from your business pages.
Instagram provides you the ideal platform to act as a launch pad for your ambitious business and make the best use of it by posting launch videos, promos and brochures.